Image  intensifier  tubes  (IIT)  and  Photomultiplier Tubes (PMT)


VTC "BASPIK" LLC produces Image intensifier tubes (IIT) and Photomultiplier Tubes (PMT) for scientific and technical equipment.

General application:

  • amplification of low visible signals and converting them into electron signals in high sensitivity instruments
  • UV radiation imaging and intensification.

General characteristics:

  • amplification from 1·107 до 1·1011
  • amplitude resolution from 50% tо 20%
  • total elimination of reverse ionic bond
  • response time
  • signal pickup and interpretation while registration process
  • visualization and digitization

Photon counting PMT

Image intensifier tube for UV imaging

UV Image intensifier tube (image reversal)

Other detectors with MCP plates for UV imaging and photon counting

Fields of use:

  • medical equipment
  • measurement equipment
  • ozone screen monitoring
  • fire-prevention monitoring
  • distance control of transmission lines
  • chemical analysis
  • UV-air photography for oil spill detection
  • scientific research
  • military hardware
  • agriculture research
  • criminal investigation


  • PMT and IIT are made of high quality components including MCPs of different configurations, sizes and technical parameters
  • provides operation in photon counting mode
  • heat-resistant at temperatures to 150°C
  • several include built-in high-voltage power supply, a circuit for protecting photocathode against high exposure rate, automatic screen brightness control
  • you can place an individual order for the detector which matches your device application and specifications.

Quality   Management   System   is   certificated   in   accordance   with   the   requirements   of   International   Standard   ISO   9001-2008.

Limited Liability Company Vladikavkaz Technological Center "BASPIK" is a scientific, technological and industrial complex, specializing in microchannel and fiber-optic technologies during over 25 years.

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